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nka21_0318 Nicole Karp March 17, 2021 #o

Photo: Guido Karp

Keeping sane as a photographer during Covid 19

I do not tell you anything new: Corona sucks. Trying to keep my creative sanity during the heavy lock downs #2 and #3 in Germany, I focused on shooting my partner in crime - my wife Nicole. Read more...

Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-23 um

Photo: Guido Karp

Thundermother in Berlin

A true sensation: the world's smallest stadium show ever - Thundermother in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. The senate permitted a total of fifty people attending at one time. 50. That is band, crew, stadium stuff - and us. Read more

402077 GKPWS_Food2020_09_(c) Sibylle Weg

Photo: Workshop-attendant Sybille Wegner

Food workshop

Our food event in the Corona crisis - one photo event with a rather philosophical background - I just wanted to try something new and with my "partner in crime" Ingo Hilger we had a great day and learned a lot. Continue reading...

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