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Explore new ways

of photography:

this was the food event

Cologne June 28 2020


In Cologne's trendy local ZEN on Aachener Straße, new photographic approaches were taken on Sunday, June 28th, namely to photograph optically beautiful plates in such a way that the mouth watered. Many sets were built, on which we each worked with different light sources. After the introduction and the set-up, we were divided into four crews, each of whom "let off steam" with their own plates from the kitchen.


This event was special. We wanted to show that you shouldn't let the crisis get you down and that you could develop your photographic desire.

Here are a few impressions from the event.

My name is Nicole Karp. I am Guido's wife - and I did not "do my doctorate at the registry office". That means I am the woman behind the scenes and do not call myself a photographer.

Unfortunately, someone failed in our event at the last second. Since Guido wanted to maintain the dynamic of 3 participants per group, he "threw me into the cold water". I can cook, I have never photographed the food with the exception of a few cell phone snapshots. Macro photography: my premiere.


Now I would like to briefly tell you how it was for me:

I'm not really familiar with camera technology. I love to photograph concerts with Guido. I learned how to adjust the camera and that I only have to concentrate on one thing during the concert: the show. I only take photos of the stage and focus on the overall scene. So camera on aperture 2.8, ISO 800, 250sec. The only thing I change during the concert is time. Otherwise not at all, because it takes me too long to make the settings and may miss the highlight of the show.

After the introduction by Ingo * and Guido, I dared to set up the ring light and worked with the Datacolor Spyder Checkr for the first time. Camera set - and quickly inspired by the presented plates.

Wow! What colors! I quickly noticed that the "normal" perspective is not enough for me and started to experiment. Off to the floor, flat on your stomach - and "Bäm!" My picture.


I know that light is the most important element in photography and I have always been enthusiastic about daylight through Guido's teaching. My favorite picture is the plate in front of a window - the light is softened with a diffuser and photographed against the light. My highlight. My conclusion and that of the other participants: broaden your horizons. Don't be scared and do what you enjoy! By the way, the photos are almost "straigth out of cam" from Photoshop, I have no idea :-) I "pushed" a few controls in Lightroom, that's it.

Participant gallery:

we would like to state here: without exception, all of them did a great job. Learned a lot and all different. Excellent!