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#Artists help

The entire entertainment industry is suffering from Corona. Most brutally it hits the many indispensable hands behind the scenes.


Guido Karp photographs well-known artists (approx. 15-20 minutes / 2-3 poses / black and white). After approval by the artist shown, an edition of 60 will be created of each artist, which will be sold through Karp's sales channels.


100% of the net income of the image goes to the artist shown -  to distribute to those in need from their own touring family.


The - admittedly ambitious - goal is to bring in a total of one million euros with the total circulation and sponsorship money.

Guido Karp and his team work free of charge. The production of the exhibits is carried out by sponsors.

The first exhibits will be available shortly. Log in to to be the first to be informed about news.

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