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Heidi Fahrenbach 12313719_99701990369113

Heidi Fahrenbach,

US supermodel

Guido is one of my absolute favorite photographers. I can not wait to go on a workshop tour with him in January.

mni02a0009 Madeleine Niesche highres.jpg

Madeleine Niesche, Actress

There is no other

Photographer in the world where I feel as well cared for as with Guido Karp.

pco NYET338-22_2016_104048_hd.jpg

Phil Collins,


Guido is a wonderful photographer and always welcome at my shows. Guido, now you have to marry me ;·)

bjo Bon-Jovi-Knockout.jpg

Jon Bonjovi


Guido · you make the world look so good - thanks!


Chris de Burgh, Musician

Guido is a wonderful photographer and I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon in my concerts

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