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Thundermother Tour May-June 2021

Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-23 um

Photo: Guido Karp / GKP.LA

Thundermother (also called the "granddaughters of AC / DC") is a Swedish female hard rock group whose current album is # 6. In the short term, I am able to offer a concert photo masterclass in every tour city. With their action-packed show, Thundermother are a feast for every photographer.

In the locations, of course, the spectators must adhere to the distance rule - for us photographers this is the best chance to take great pictures anywhere in the venue.

We have planned the following process:

- Meeting on site at 4 p.m. We talk about tips and tricks in concert photography and I answer all questions. We look at sample pictures together and I explain the different situations on stage.

- From 8 p.m., the whole show can be photographed under my guidance - I can promise: a fireworks display of dynamism and everyone has the opportunity to record from the front as well as from the stage

- The end is expected to be around 10 p.m.

After the event, every participant of the band and me can send in their best 20 shots, and after the tour there is an extensive anonymous evaluation of all photos by me and the band. In this way, all participants not only get very direct feedback on their own work - they also see how they fare in a direct comparison "with the competition" (the other participants under the same conditions).

The closing date for photos is June 30th, 2021 (submission is not mandatory).

The masterclass includes all facets:

  • theoretical basics, basic settings of the camera

  • Discussion of the task

  • Discussion about the creation of the image data to be sent in after the show

  • View of previous concert photos and from Guido to explain why the photos were taken and how.

  • Inspection of the location

  • Photographing the entire show

  • Submission of the 20 best photos, comments by Guido (after the tour)

  • anonymous PDF book with all participant photos, so that you can see yourself in direct comparison to others

The photos taken must be approved by the band Thundermother before any non-commercial publication.

Equipment: powerful lenses

Suitable for: all photographers (amateur and professional)

Price: € 499.00 (payment in installments possible)

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