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Explore the lights workshop

Siershahn from July 25, 2020


In my German studio in Siershahn in the Westerwald I offer on Saturday, July 25th. and on Sunday, July 26th, 2020 from 12 p.m. for the first time to try all my light sources in parallel.


With great professional models, you have the individual opportunity not only to take great photos for your own portfolio, but to draw conclusions for yourself through the one-off direct comparison of how much lighting technology you need for the picture you prefer -Look to achieve.


First of all, I will show you how I would "interpret" all of the light sources - and then you will be "on your own" in small, exclusive groups with a maximum of four participants. Each group has its own professional model, make-up artist and assistant. The models stay on the set, so you can take photos of several models throughout the day.

Event features:

  • Workshop 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.

  • Participation price € 499 (also payable in installments)

  • maximum of 4 participants per group

    • 1 model per group (rolling)

    • 1 hair & make-up artist per group

    • 1 assistant per group

  • various light sources

  • Guido Karp Lecture part 12: 30--2 pm

  • Practical part from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Snacks, mineral water, and coffee



Playmate Sheena Williams

Workshop running order:

12 noon: after a short greeting, I will go through, explain and demonstrate the individually constructed light sets with all participants. Everything your heart desires is built up here, from daylight to flashes and continuous light.

2 p.m .: The groups are divided and photographs are taken until 7 p.m. This ensures that everyone in each group can test all light sets in peace and take great pictures with the model. Our hair & make-up artists are with the model at all times and help with the poses and take care of skin and hair.

Now I had mentioned that each group was assigned an assistant from my team. This assistant has the task of providing help with questions, suggesting angles of view and "looking over your shoulder" if someone is not yet used to using the model. The team members who are not taking pictures are there to assist in the light set. Like in real life, because there is no pack shooting with me :-)


I myself will walk from group to group, answer all questions, give creative help and will be happy to intervene if help is desired.

7 p.m .: end

Drinks and snacks are available throughout the workshop

Knowledge base:

This event is for photographers of all levels of knowledge. An ideal orientation for beginners and still an insight into possibly previously unknown "light spheres" even for professionals.

Please bring:

  • your own camera

  • loaded camera batteries

  • enough memory cards

  • lenses: from a slight wide-angle to a 200 at the longest.

  • You can also borrow a camera tripod (if you do not have one) from us

  • Enjoy taking pictures

Model release:

We have made an agreement with the models in advance and allow the photos taken to be published. However, we and the models reserve the right to object to the use of inappropriate releases.

Equipment list on site:

  • Light from # Rollei_de, # aputure.lightning

  • Sunbounce reflectors #sunbounde_sunsniper

  • Tripods from Manfrotto #manfrottoimageninemore

  • Chimera light shapers #chimeralightening

  • Spyder Checkr from Datacolor

  • of course Guido Karp #guidokarpla

  • and much more

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